Pool Construction Process

What you might expect when the process begins…

Shotcrete is delivered wet and pre-mixed…Gunite is a dry process mixed at the nozzle. 

Once the hole is dug, wooden forms are installed to define the pool perimeter.   The plumbing is set and tested and the steel cage is added, tied together for stability and electrically bonded for safety.   Embedments such as the light niches and rail anchors are set and the concrete floor is either poured-in-place or “shot”.  

The concrete walls are then added but are always pneumatically applied under pressure.   They gain shape by the nozzle-man stacking the concrete upward, they are plumbed off of the forms, shaved down and smoothed by the crew. 

perimeter at the waterline and as accents across the nose of benches or steps while a horizontal “coping” made of stone, bull-nose brick or pre-cast concrete is used to finish off the top of the raw pool shell.   The type of deck to be utilized is installed against the coping and the raw concrete pool shell is finished with a hand-troweled plaster.