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Clients say pool builder left them with unfinished, leaking swimming pools

Local pool company faced numerous complaints about incomplete work

FOX 26 is investigating after a local pool company filed numerous complaints against them for incomplete work.

Many homeowners chose to install swimming pools during the pandemic. Several customers say they paid a lot of money to a local pool builder but had unfinished and sometimes leaky pools.

Some clients tell us they paid tens of thousands of dollars to Amazing Backyards in Houston to build their dream pools. But they say that what was left wasn’t that amazing and had to pay thousands more to keep their pool dreams from going downhill.


“I literally texted him and emailed him like, Hey, when are you going to get our pool ready? Did you forget me? said customer Tanya Jones.

Jones says she paid Amazing Backyards to install a swimming pool in her yard in November 2020.

A year later, she showed us some of what she felt was left unfinished.

“We have no lights in our pool. And our spray here is missing tiles,” she said.

Jones says the pool is leaking and she had to pay other contractors to finish parts of it.

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“I had to get the panel painted. I had to find a contractor to finish the back of the pool because it was like nails sticking out, showing wooden boards,” she said.

“To say it was a nightmare is an understatement,” said another customer, Kathleen Northey.

Northey says she paid Amazing Backyards to build a pool in June 2020.

“It cuts your feet. You can’t really walk, I can’t walk on it with my bare feet,” Northey said, showing us around her pool deck.

She says she had to pay other contractors to finish the job and fix problems.

“We had to repaint the entire back of the house because it was covered with concrete everywhere. They had concrete on our screens. They completely covered my husband’s grill with concrete,” she said, showing us photos.

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Northey says her pool is leaking too.

“When we told him we had a leak, he never came back,” Northey said.

The Better Business Bureau gave Amazing Backyards a D + for failing to respond to a complaint and two negative ratings.

“Customers say the company is unresponsive, does not complete the job, and does not give refunds,” said Leah Napoliello of the Better Business Bureau.


Two of the contractor’s phone numbers, John Oake, were separated but we reached him by email.

He wrote to us: “I understand that we have had operational problems and significant losses due to weather, labor shortages and restocking.”

But after agreeing to an interview, he later canceled and wrote, “On the advice of the lawyer, I have to decline your interview.

This pending litigation is some customers say they are taking it to court.

“We paid him $ 40,000 and we’re trying to go to small claims court for $ 20,000 because we had to pay so much money to fix things,” Northey said.

The state of Texas does not require pool operators to be licensed or tied. Some places do this, but it varies by place.

When you hire a pool builder, check their testimonials and online reviews.


If you are left with unskilled labor, the Better Business Bureau says you can refute the charge if you paid by credit card, or you can file a civil lawsuit and complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General’s Office.