Far Hills NJ Inground Swimming Pool Awarded for Design


The traditional inground pool in Far Hills, New Jersey features glass-tiled surfaces, an elevated spa, three water features, an automatic cover, and advanced iPhone pool controls.

The complementary colors and unique surfaces bring the traditional design of the sports pool to an award-winning level of craftsmanship.

The Northeast Spa and Pool Association’s annual awards ceremony was recently held for nearly 200 pool design and construction companies in the Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut regions. At the 2012 Awards, Cipriano Landscape Design received awards for five different pool designs, one of which is in Far Hills, New Jersey. The traditional pool design features a clean, rectangular shape, raised spa, formal patio, glass tile surfaces, custom fountains, automatic cover, and a remote-controlled automation system. All of these elements combined have earned Cipriano an Award of Excellence for geometric pools 601 square feet or more.

The pool design in Far Hills, NJ includes a 1,100 square foot pool and 80 square foot spa. The design itself is very detailed and uses beautiful materials to create a seamless, stylish look. The pool and spa start at the very bottom and feature a bright pale blue hydrazzo plaster that shimmers in the summer sun. The plaster extends across the floor and walls of the pool and meets a 10-inch waterline of glass tile in the pool and spa. The waterline tile is made of colored glass tiles in a unique blend that compliments the stone veneer used on the Far Hills property. The glass tile colors are drawn from the light blue of the plaster and the earth tones of the stone veneer.

The 80 square meter spa is located on the terrace above the pool. The spa features the same plaster and waterline tiles as the pool. There is natural stone veneer on the outside of the spa. It’s the same veneer that’s used on parts of the house, pillars in the landscape, as well as the nearby outdoor fireplace. On the side facing the pool, the spa wall sees three handcrafted copper cones that pour water into the pool with a refined, formal symmetry. On top of the spa, the limestone cover matches the detailed limestone pool deck with multiple custom inlays and the pool design’s custom profiled limestone cover.

Two main technologies have been included for the Far Hills swimming pool for convenience, efficiency and safety. First of all, the auto coverage offers the homeowner several different advantages. When not in use, the pool can be closed quickly and easily. This alone provides efficiency as it keeps the heat in the pool. The cover also provides security by adding an extra barrier between unsupervised children and the pool water. Finally, the cover is very handy and can reduce the evaporation of chemicals from the pool water. There were also some high tech pool equipment available for the Far Hills homeowner. The device is a remote-controlled automation system connected to a free iPhone app to control lights, water features, pumps and heaters directly from a phone or computer.

The formal, elegant design reveals a seamless structure that blends beautifully with the house and its surroundings. The complementary colors and unique surfaces bring the traditional design of the sports pool to an award-winning level of craftsmanship. Finally, the auto coverage and automation provided some practical details for this New Jersey backyard.

About Cipriano Landscape Design:

The 9-time international award winner Cipriano Landscape Design is celebrating its 24th anniversary and differs from all other swimming pool and landscaping companies through its many years of experience. Mahwah NJ company offers more than just a pool installation. As a recognized national market leader in custom landscaping and commercial spaces, masonry, swimming pools and water features, the New Jersey company has been offering complete renovations since 2001. With a design office led by 15 year old veteran William Moore, Certified Landscape Architect, the Cipriano team has received 65 awards for excellence since 2006, including the 2007 Best in Competition Award from the Northeast Pool & Spa Association. Cipriano has also been a Certified Building Professional (CBP) from the Association of Pool & Spa Professional (APSP) since 2008, one of only five custom pool builders in Bergen County to receive certification. Cipriano Landscape Design is the only outdoor luxury company.

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