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Florida Pool Firm Charged with Swindling Householders, Insurance coverage Fraud

The owners of a swimming pool company in South Florida were charged with defrauding homeowners of nearly $ 2 million, as well as failing to get workers’ compensation insurance and defrauding insurance claims.

Florida law enforcement officers arrested Chrystal Washburn and Brian Washburn, owners of Amore Pools, this week. Investigators said the couple took large deposits in underground pools from more than 100 homeowners and then never completed or in some cases never started the work, local news reports said.

The Washburns allegedly used an off-site check cashing facility to convert homeowner’s checks into cash in an attempt to disguise the transactions. The couple were also accused of forging signatures on permits and other documents, providing false information on insurance applications, and failing to adequately report payrolls to avoid workers’ premiums.

“This was a front company with a goal in mind. That was the victim’s deception, “said Ken Mascara, St. Lucie County Sheriff, at a press conference on Wednesday.

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