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Former Worker For Canterbury Pool Firm Speaks on Allegations In opposition to Enterprise – NBC Connecticut

A Canterbury store remains under scrutiny after numerous customer complaints. They tell NBC Connecticut that they paid for pools that were either never ordered or never installed.

A former Roy’s Pools employee says the company owes thousands of dollars to not only customers but suppliers as well.

“We thought what better way to spend the summer than with a pool,” said Meghan Millette from Canterbury.

Millette said her husband wrote a check for nearly $ 12,000 to Roy’s Pools on Sept. 2. Her plan was to install the pool next to her house herself. It was something that her two boys could enjoy for years. However, earlier this month she was contacted by the store’s manager.

“I felt compelled to tell them, ‘Hey, look, I took your $ 11,000 check and now there’s no more money to order your pool and suddenly the store is closed,'” Mowry said.

Her check was cashed, but Millette said the pool distributor told her “they never received a dime for our order.”

Millette posted on social media about the situation.

“To my surprise, I had dozens of people either commenting on the post or texting me personally that they were in the same boat and given Brian thousands of dollars,” Millette said.

Reading the answer made her feel sinking.

“Our money was stolen. I mean, what else could have happened? ”Said Millette.

“I don’t mean to say the money was stolen, but it’s definitely mismanagement,” said Mowry.

Mowry is Brian Roy’s cousin. When Roy took over the long-standing family business from his grandparents last year, it had a good reputation. However, he said Roy was quickly overwhelmed by the demand for pandemic pools.

“So many pools were sold that we couldn’t keep up with installations and labor shortages,” said Mowry.

Not only does the company owe its pools to the people, but Mowry said it also owes money to several subcontractors and distributors.

The President of Radiant Pools acknowledged that Roy’s Pools owes his company a “substantial” amount of money.

Mowry said the business was always catching up. He said Roy had hired young workers who were inexperienced and not properly licensed to install pools.

“A lot of jobs always had problems,” recalls Mowry.

Mowry said so many customers who were unhappy with their work denied their credit card payments, which caused the business to stall financially.

“There was no money to pay employees and no money to give money back to customers,” Mowry said. “There is no money to pay these bills.”

Plus, there’s no money to order pools for their new customers, some of whom told NBC Connecticut that Roy blamed the distributor for backorders. A spokesman for one of these distributors, Radiant Pools, told NBC Connecticut, “We were able to deliver on all customer orders. There is currently no backlog. “

Kevin Fontaine of Fontaine’s Pools, LLC said he agreed to help Roy on a pool project this year and he still owes the work to him and his crew.

“He seemed genuinely concerned, while at the same time he seemed concerned that I was still not getting my wages,” said Fontaine.

Fontaine said Roy told him on October 18 that he was on vacation and would not come back until the 22nd and that he would pay him then. On October 27, Fontaine said he had still not been paid.

“With the way things are going, it’s highly unlikely, but I would like to think I’d get something from him,” he said.

Mowry confirmed he was on trial with Roy on October 19. He said Roy’s wife served him with a protection warrant. Meghan Millette also went to court on October 26th. She said she was served the same order to stay 100 meters from Roy’s wife after posting on social media about her experience with the business. The judge rejected both cases.

“I think there are so many people who have spent so much money that the chance of us seeing that money is not going to happen,” Millette said.

NBC Connecticut contacted Roy several times but heard nothing.