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If you decide to build a swimming pool, you are likely making the second largest purchase (besides your home) that you will ever make.

Therefore, it makes sense to choose a pool builder who can provide you with the pool you have always dreamed of. Here are just a few tips to help you get organized:

Check out pool-related websites, magazines, and books to find out what type of pool you want. There is a wide variety of pools available – with a wide range of features and a wide price range – but some will suit your needs better than others.

Some of the different types of pools include underground, above-ground, cast concrete and wall-block pools, and gunite pools. Pools that are built on the ground and stand out are above-ground pools. A stylish in-ground pool that blends in well with the landscape is the in-ground pool. Gunite pools come in different designs – such as aggregates, tiles, plaster of paris and fiberglass. Masonry pools are similar to Gunite and have walls made of concrete blocks.

Check to see if there is an experienced pool builder nearby who can build your project. For example, Kenco Pools of Marshall has been involved in many pool projects in the region.

Before visiting any pool builder you are considering, find out if they have a website so you can learn more about their skills.

After you’ve found a pool builder to consider, make an appointment at their company to discuss your project plans. Ask how long the contractor has been in business as it is a good idea to choose an experienced contractor. You should also speak to the staff in the office to see if they appear knowledgeable and professional. Ask the contractor if they have any services that will help keep your pool in good condition after it is sold – such as: B. Pool chemicals or water tests or cleaning services.

Get a list of references from the builder and previous clients. Call a customer or two in your area and ask them how they feel about pool building before and after the sale. If possible, you should also make arrangements to see some of the pools built by all of the contractors you are interested in.

Check with your local Better Business Bureau for any complaints regarding the builder.

Make sure that any pool builder you are considering is properly insured.

Receive written pool offers from at least three to five pool companies. These companies should come to your home to provide you with the offer. You should also ensure that the estimates are for the same design and materials.

Some contractors suggest changes to your project. You need to listen to a contractor’s suggestions as some of them may benefit you.

While you should be concerned about the price, you shouldn’t make a decision to hire a contractor based solely on a low price. You should also make sure that you feel confident that the contractor can provide you with a quality project.

Read all written materials that are made available to you. Do not sign any proposals or contracts until you are sure about the deal.

Beware of swimming pool companies that require a substantial cash advance payment.

Don’t choose a contractor based on price alone. Make sure you feel confident that any contractor you hire can deliver you a quality project.

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