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N4T Investigators: Pool firm unlicensed after buyer complaints faces new allegations from former staff | Information

TUCSON (KVOA) – News 4 has been investigating Tucson Investigators’ complaints against Imperial Pools & Design LLC for the past three months. and its owner Patrick Crone.

Crone is unlicensed after a number of complaints from customers who say they spent tens of thousands of dollars on work that was never completed. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors revoked Crone‘s General Contractor License last month after revoking his KA6 Dual Pool Contractor License a few weeks earlier.

According to the ROC’s website database, Crone has five active complaints against its GC license and two complaints that resulted in disciplinary action. Has his KA6 dual pool licenses 18 active cases and 25 cases that resulted in disciplinary action and 10 resolved complaints. So there are at least 50 customers who have filed complaints with the ROC between their two former licenses.

N4T investigators have heard from customer after customer, each with their own story, of how Crone received thousands of dollars for work that was never completed. Many customers still have collapsing holes in their backyards.

“We gave him money to do a job he didn’t do, in my book it’s theft,” said former client Tom O’Leary.

N4T investigators spent more than a month tracking down more than a dozen former employees and subcontractors who worked for Imperial Pools. A Some of the people we spoke to had nothing bad to say while everyone else had similar stories of paychecks and in some cases owed thousands of dollars.

“Can’t pay his bills, can’t keep his contracts,” a non-identifiable subcontractor said of Crone.

That subcontractor said he owed him more than $ 3,500 for a job he did for Crone.

“It’s a lot of work chasing him down, trying to get phone numbers they won’t answer, leaving hundreds of voicemails until it looks like you’re ready to give up, but it’s not money,” he said .

Everyone else N4T investigators spoke to refused to appear in front of the camera for fear of retaliation from Crone or anyone else in Tucson’s pool industry. The subcontractor said that although Tucson is a large city, the news is spreading quickly across the city close-knit Swimming pool industry.

In the middle of ours detection in September, we got the following Email from Patrick’s wife, Alyssa Crone who is the Chief Financial Officer of Imperial Pools.

“We heard that you are now trying to contact former employees. Please note that everyone who has ever worked for us has signed confidentiality agreements that are still intact after they are hired. 1.5 times the salary we paid them. “

N4T investigators found Crones’ former landlady Ann Diaz, owner of Arizona 1NS reality Management that ownsS. the property that housed the Imperial Pools showroom until Diaz was forced to vacate she in July.

“He never paid his rent on time, there wasn’t a single time that we received the rent check on time,” said Diaz.

She said they rejected at least four checks and were still owed $ 11,000 and the property she said was a mess.

Imperial Pools received a $ 131,616 PPP loan in May. a time when Diaz said she was having trouble getting paid.

“I don’t know how you can get an inflow of $ 131,000, and I still have to ask if it’s okay to cash a check for $ 4,000,” Diaz said.

She said her company was considering legal action and turned the case over to her attorney, but she admits that she doesn’t expect to ever see the money they are owed. A feeling that reflects what many of his former customers do go through.

IIf you have a story for us to investigate, email us at [email protected] or call our tip hotline at 520-955-4444.

If you have a story you’d like us to investigate, email us at [email protected] or call our tip hotline at 520-955-4444.