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Native Pool Contractors Seeing Huge Enterprise Amid Pandemic – CBS Sacramento

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Crews who work for pool entrepreneurs like Frank Murphy worked overtime during this pandemic.

“It was actually a little crazy. We actually can’t keep up with all of the demand, ”said Frank Murphy, owner of Dream Pools.

The Better Business Bureau said a research group in New York saw a 161% increase in pool purchases nationwide from last summer.

“Seems like they spend a lot of time at home really looking for something to do or do at home,” Murphy said. “You’re bored and need a pool.”

John Acord and his family planned to get a pool before the pandemic, saying it couldn’t have come at a better time.

“It’s really difficult with children at the moment. There are really limited places for them, ”said Acord. “They count the days for the children. You keep asking when the pool will be ready. “

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While the demand for companies like Murphy’s is high, fulfilling that desire has been a challenge. Murphy said cement is like liquid gold right now.

“The manufacturers have stopped production. So the materials and equipment are not there for us. So we have to wait a little longer. We can only do so much, ”Murphy said. “There’s just so much work; We can build that many pools. “

Some people are eagerly waiting for their pool to fill up and are making a splash during the pandemic.

“I think it’s going to be a race to see which kid will jump in the pool first,” said Acord.

Like many of us, the owner of Dream Pools says another pandemic adjustment he had to make is that he doesn’t have as many personal interactions with customers and suppliers.

He told CBS13 it was difficult to be socially aloof in a very practical industry.