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Pool contractors are making a splash maintaining with a excessive pandemic pool demand

TUCSON, Arizona – Tucson pool contractors are causing a stir during this pandemic. They say sales have increased year over year despite interruptions in the supply chain.

We met Omni Pool Builders and design co-owner Martin Lopez on a project in Dove Mountain.

“There are currently 14 active at Dove Mountain with six more waiting to be launched,” said Lopez. “And that’s just the Dove Mountain area.”

Lopez says the demand is overflowing. Business increased by 40% compared to the same period last year.

“We had over 300 leads in the last month alone and 80 last year, so the leads are insane,” he said.

The high demand, coupled with pandemic delays in equipment and supplies, is creating a huge backlog for pool operators across Tucson.

“The way it usually works is people are looking from January to be able to swim until summer,” Lopez said. “Now people have to watch in September to be able to swim until summer. This is my 27th year of construction and I’ve never seen anything like it. “

According to Lopez, the high demand must be due to low interest rates and families looking for home entertainment.

“It doesn’t make any sense unless you talk to people who say they’re not going on vacation anymore. Your vacation will be at home with the family, ”he said.

For people in this industry, an upswing means almost more work than they can handle – and even a need for more help.

“We are very lucky. We never lose sight of that. There are people who are unemployed, “said Lopez.

“By the way, if you are out of work, come and see us – we may need you,” he added.