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Prime-Rated Pinellas Pool Firm Companions With Olympus Swimming pools To Take Over Admin, Buyer Help

LUTZ, Fla. – A highly rated Tampa Bay area pool company is stepping in to help Olympus Pools thanks to a new partnership between the two companies and their owners.

Specific terms of the partnership were not disclosed, but Jordan Hidalgo, a general contractor who founded Pools by Jordan, a high-end pool construction company based in Pinellas County, has partnered with Olympus Pools to help restore and restore the company to support his stand -Covid standing.

“I’ve seen what Olympus customers have been through on the news, but I also know the high quality of Olympus work and their skills. After weeks of negotiations, I am happy to say that we have reached an agreement and we look forward to working to resolve all of this, ”said Hidalgo.

Hidalgo, who also runs a management consultancy for pool companies called The Pool Consultants, will let his team take over administration, accounting, approval, purchasing and customer relations starting Tuesday.

James Staten, who founded Olympus Pools, will remain on board and in the field, leading sales, field service and business development.

“We will all play to our strengths,” said Hidalgo. “There’s no denying that a guy who’s built thousands of pools has what it takes to make it in this business. Meanwhile, the sellers and some others in the media are not helping his attempts to repair the ship. As a pool professional, I can’t watch this happen without doing what I can for the clients and the contractor. Everyone should get what they expect and what they paid for, although it will take time. “

Founded by Staten in 2010, Olympus Pools has had sales of more than $ 150 million and completed more than 3,000 pools over the past decade.

“What we saw last year was a perfect storm and frankly we lagged behind and the timing for this deal couldn’t have been better,” said Staten. “Between approval issues, supply chain and material delays caused by COVID, and mistakes made trying to scale too quickly, we were at a very challenging time. But I’m confident that Jordan and his team will add the extra power Olympus needs to get things going again. “

Customers can expect direct access to property, improved customer relationships, and those who have been waiting for their pools to start up can expect work to start sooner thanks to the new partnership. Shared resources, equipment and subcontractors will revive the previously swift workflow. Additionally, subcontractors worried about payment can be assured that Olympus is solvent and is not going anywhere.

“Some things will happen instantly, others will take a little time as we deal with things, but we are ready to get all of these pools done as quickly as possible and work to rebuild the positive image that Olympus has worked hard to make this happen, ”said Hidalgo.

The news of the partnership comes amid a flurry of recent work. As of May 10th, Olympus Pools has completed the following:

  • 26 pools passed the final inspection
  • Specific work was completed in 18 pools
  • 13 construction sites were cleaned up by cleaning teams
  • 12 preliminary grades were completed
  • 11 pools had electrical work completed
  • 11 pools had finished bricks and tiles
  • 10 pools had completed plumbing
  • 4 screen housings have been completed
  • 3 pools had finished cleaning work
  • 2 retaining walls completed

“I look forward to putting this chapter behind Olympus and showing what our talented teams can achieve together,” said Hidalgo.

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