The average cost to keep your pool clean


The average cost to keep your pool in tip-top condition is about $80-$200, but if you shop around for an expert company that can manage it at a cheaper price then I found one near me with prices ranging from 75$ – 125$. So I did some more research on the 100$ service and this was what they did:

I am not a professional swimming pool cleaner, but from what I have seen on my friends pools or reading about it on the web here’s some things you should look for when hiring someone to clean your pool:

1. Most experts recommend having your pool cleaned at least once a month and the frequency should be increased in the pool is heavily-used.

2. The pool cleaner should be able to handle all aspects of water testing, opening and closing the pool (after they clean it), chemical treatment (they may sell you their own or use your preexisting supply) and any repairs that are needed. If this is not the case then you should understand that having a pool cleaner does not include general maintenance.

3. When looking for a company to clean your pool, look for customer reviews and references. The company should be well-established in your area.

4. If you have a pool above ground then the best choice is to buy an automatic pool cleaner or just attach a hose with vacuum head and do it yourself (1hrs every 2 weeks). It’s easy and cheap, really!

5. If you have an in ground pool then look for companies that will use a robot or automatic pool cleaner. They can access hard to reach areas and don’t damage the walls of your pool like a suction head would.


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